Mexican food in NYC!?

(all photos in this post are not my own)

Yep, you heard it. Last night I met up with some friends at a Mexican restaurant in New York City. Although I was a bit weary because of the actual distance from Mexico, I was pleasantly surprised.

Rosa Mexicano

Where: Union Square
What: Mexican

This Mexican eatery is perfect for a big group, which is exactly what we did. The service was pretty good and the food was awesome. Because they’re mostly known for their fresh guacamole (again, I had my doubts. I’m from Texas), we got a double order, which was the perfect amount for the 6 of us. WOW. It was so delicious and fresh, I could have ordered guac for my entree.

For my entree I had the chicken tacos. Sounds boring, but the description (and flavor) said otherwise: grilled and marinated in ancho chiles, garlic, cumin, cloves, and cinnamon, and topped with peppers and melted Chihuahua cheese. As you can see in the photo, the presentation was pretty unique and the tacos were served fajita style–build your own tacos. I loved the side of sweet creamed corn and the melted cheese at the bottom of the mini cast iron skillet. All in all it was a really satisfying dish, but I have to warn you: it’s not authentic Mexican.

And finally, you don’t go to a Mexican restaurant without ordering a margarita, right? Well, for me, the answer is no. I went with the pomegranate margarita. It was the perfect combo of sweet to tart ratio and with just the right amount of tequila.

Downside? Really expensive for Mexican food. I can’t say I’ve ever paid that much for tacos, guac and a margarita. My reccommendation? Go for margs and guac. Perfect appetizer place with a fun and colorful ambiance.

Bon appétit,


From West Village to the Upper West Side

Hello everyone!

I’m finally in the Big Apple for the month of June and couldn’t be more excited. As Thatfoodiegirl, I will strive to bring you interesting, exciting, & delicious eateries that I find across the city that never sleeps. I will also report places you might want to skip.

Today my mom and I set up my apartment in West Village and began to walk down the street to find somewhere to eat lunch. We were starving and were willing to eat anywhere. Lucky for us, there was anything and everything within a 1 mile radius. THIS is why I already love New York City. We stumbled upon our first cafe and were nothing short of impressed.

Soy Cafe

Where: West Village. (Greenwich Ave & Jane)

What: healthy salads, sandwiches, smoothies, vegan options

It’s a tiny little coffeeshop/cafe, but the menu will knock you off your feet. A place anyone–including vegans–would be in heaven if you’re into healthiness, or if you’re into delicious and fresh food. So that about sums up everyone, right? I hope so. You can find paninis, salads, crepes and people sitting at tables with their laptops refilling their almond milk steamers. That’s right, they have everything from almond milk to flaxmeal wraps to “soyafrosts”, soy milk blended with ice and the flavor of your choice.

I had the autumn salad. As you can see, I got a heaping portion of fresh spinach with goat cheese, apples, grapes and walnuts. It was super fresh, fast and healthy. My mom went with the summer salad consisting of avocado, cucumber, apple, tomato and hazelnuts on mesclun greens.

Next stop: Josie’s

Where: Upper West Side (300 Amsterdam)

What: Asian/Mexican fusion

A cute and trendy restaurant with hip music playing, candles lit and a relaxed atmosphere, I knew I was in for a treat. I love the idea of Asian/Mexican fusion as Mexico is my second home, and I love Asian food. I went with the grilled citrus marinated natural chicken breast fajita. That’s a mouth full. Literally. It came with organic pinto beans, chipotle salsa, guacamole and whole wheat tortillas. The picture didn’t turn out (sorry). But, it was pretty good. The chicken wasn’t as citrus-y as expected, but the bell peppers were fresh and crisp and the guacamole way better than expected (being so far from the border). Yet, I wasn’t that impressed. My mom ordered the seared Asian tofu stir-fry, which was wok fried to perfection with ample veggies served over a bed of rice with a yummy ginger taste to it.

Best part: the chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream pie. Say that 5 times fast. Oooohhh my goodness. It was AMAZING. Very decadent, with a cookie crumb crust, cookie dough on the bottom, ice cream with chocolate chips…must I say more? And if you’re vegan, or want something lighter, they have tempting sounding desserts that are without dairy–like the warm chocolate pecan pie.

And that sums up my first day of food in NYC. Hope you enjoyed it, and stay tuned for much much more. (Now I’m going to sign up for a membership at a gym so I don’t gain my weight in delicious food).

Bon appétit,


Cinco de Mayo

Although my Cinco de Mayo has been celebrated by studying for my Spanish final that I have tomorrow (fitting, I know), I’ve been thinking about where I’d like to be tonight.

I’m always on the search for the best frozen margarita, queso and all around Tex Mex. Here in Dallas, it’s not too hard. Not to mention, the frozen margarita was INVENTED in Dallas–believe it or not.

So, here I am, waiting to finish off my junior year of college. While others are out celebrating “Cinco de Drinko” (which is kind of stupid in my opinion) I am studying for my Spanish final. Regardless, here’s my list of the top Tex Mex joints in Dallas and their reasons behind it. (Please excuse photos–none of them are mine but provided for viewing pleasure)

1. Gloria’s Restaurant & Bar
-Best part: their frozen margaritas are a perfectly tart, perfectly get you in an awesome mood at first sip.
-Worst part: if you come in with a big group, you can expect to wait a really long time. (but this just means more margaritas and socializing!)

2. Mi Cocina
-Best part: their mojitos come with a stalk of sugar cane. so fresh and delicious! I love the Latin stir fry…mmmm
-Worst part: $$$$$ way too expensive for Tex Mex! But then again, you’re paying for the atmosphere here in Dallas.

3. Blue Mesa Grill
-Best part: a great place for a party or large group
-Worst part: some of the dishes can be quite greasy, but still good nonetheless

4. Blue Goose
-Best part: yummy authentic greasy Tex Mex food (they make their own tortillas in house) in a super casual environment. and it’s cheap!
-Worst part: no atmosphere, but then again you’re going here for their awesome food.

5. Desperados
-Best part: awesome frozen margaritas, awesome fajitas.
-Worst part: location.

6. Urban Taco
-Best part: atmosphere! If you dine at the McKinney location, it’s a place to be seen–and a place to go before you hit the bars.
-Worst part: the tacos are tiny and way overpriced

7. Hacienda on Henderson
-Best part: the patio and the $2 margs on Tuesdays
-Worst part: parking was difficult in the Henderson area