Homemade chicken tacos

chicken tacos

The temperature is rising and that only means one thing: patio weather. Whether it be at a popular brunch spot or just at home, there’s nothing I love more than really soaking up my meal al fresco when the weather is just right.

Last week I made these chicken tacos that were enjoyed out on the porch with a glass of white wine and great company (Ryan). We ate outside until it turned dark, but the warmth stuck around and it really made me itch for summer.

The tacos were simple. Into the mix went:

-grilled chicken (grilled on the George Foreman)

-grilled bell pepper

-cilantro rice (chopped fresh cilantro, added to rice with a bit of olive oil)

-1 can black beans

-fresh avocado slices

-red chili tortillas

It was a simple yet tasty meal–but the best part was that it was enjoyed outside in the perfect spring weather.

How are you all enjoying the weather? Bike rides? Walks? Eating outside?
Bon app├ętit,


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